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One Heart Worldwide

In 2019 my husband and I were invited to Nepal by One Heart Worldwide to see first hand the work they do in some of the most rural communities in the world. We were blown away by...


As an organisation, they aim to end all preventable deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth worldwide. They do this by...


To date, they have ... 

Nepal - Yangpang



Their vision

Direct Partnership.

Our theory of change is based on direct partnership with local authorities and communities to create a continuum of care that will increase access to safe delivery options and encourage the adoption of healthy, culturally appropriate behaviors.

Drive Systemic Change.

Pregnant women in these high-risk regions often have little to no access to appropriate medical care. In these areas, geographical and socio-cultural barriers, limited personal resources, lack of information, and inadequate healthcare services often prevent pregnant women from receiving the essential care they need to have a safe pregnancy and childbirth. OHW addresses these barriers by improving access to healthcare services in the world’s hardest to reach places. 

Decrease Barriers to Access.

Maternal and perinatal mortality are key indicators for health and development. As such, OHW specializes in improving the access to, and the delivery of, essential healthcare services in regions where the need is the greatest. We work in remote areas with the lowest human development indexes, where other organizations rarely operate.

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