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There are many things that excite me in life. Skiing down mountains in deep powder snow. Freshly baked fluffy cinnamon buns. Sloppy wet baby kisses in the mornings.


But there's one thing that stands above them all. One thing that REALLY REALLY excites me. And I know this might sound a bit geeky...but it's our gut microbiome. 

Our bodies contain trillions of microorganisms, both inside and out. That´s what we call “microbiota”. When I was a medical student ten years ago, I had never even heard of it. It´s only later that researchers started discovering more about the wonderful world of microbes that lives inside our body. Since hearing about it I’ve been insatiably curious and wanted to find out more. 

"I truly believe that it's possible to give your child the best head start to life, by providing them with the tools to build a healthy immune system."

What I quickly realised is that all the microbes have a HUGE impact on us humans. And guess what. It turns out that the first few months and years of our lives are the MOST IMPORTANT. The microbes inside your baby´s gut (and the stuff they produce) are responsible for building a strong and healthy immune system. How we raise our babies and toddlers matters a great deal and can determine the rest of their lives.

first year as a doctor



I wanted to know what exactly I could do to make sure that my microbes would keep me healthy. I also wanted to know how I could make sure that my future children would get a healthy microbiota that would work tirelessly to fight off illness and keep them thriving. 



The only way to really dig deeper was to get my hands dirty (literally). I got involved in a massive research study. For the past years, my colleagues and I have conducted research on hundreds of women and their babies. We wanted to figure out how our lifestyles and what we eat can affect the gut development and health of babies, both now and in the future. And I promise you. I’ve done the work. Not only have I read hundreds of papers- I’ve collected blood, swabbed placentas, scooped up babies poop (you name it)- all to find out more about our tiny little microbial companions. And let me tell you: I’ve been blown away by all the amazing information I have gathered.

It is clear that there’s no escaping the ever-present microbes (nor should we want to). They influence every aspect of our life - from start to end. And here comes the GOOD NEWS- you can be in charge of making sure your child gets handed a great set of microbes early in life. 

 " can be in charge of making sure your child gets handed a great set of microbes early in life."

I'm itching to share with you all the insights and discoveries I’ve made in the past years. My mission is to bring this information to EVERYONE- in an easy and simple-to-digest way.  

I’m here to help you

My passion is to make motherhood easier by giving you the know-how and confidence to raise happier, healthier and more resilient babies. I want to help you navigate the ins and outs of how your child can develop a healthy microbiome and give you simple action plans to make your child thrive.  

Immunology Research :Lab in Melbourne



Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!  Get ready to put down those antibacterial wipes and let's start making mud pies instead.


About Me.

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...and my doodles!

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My Doodles



My earliest memories involve many hours spent doodling away. Give me some paper, scissors and crayons, and I was happy. Thirty years later and not much has changed. At some point I was torn between embarking on the life of a budding artist or study medicine. I chose the latter. Needless to say -  I’m still doodling. I hope you like them.


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